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8 Ways to Increase Form Conversion Rates in 2022

By September 12, 2022April 4th, 2024No Comments
8 Ways to Increase Form Conversion Rates in 2022
8 Ways to Increase Form Conversion Rates in 2022
Using forms can be an effective way to engage with your audience. Whether your goal is to qualify leads, collect data, close deals, or communicate, forms can facilitate many objectives. Zoho’s CRM with marketing automation makes it simple to leverage forms to fulfill your company’s needs. 

Let’s learn how to best use forms to command the attention of your audience and increase form conversion rates. With Zoho sales automation tools at your fingertips, increasing the conversation rates of your forms has never been easier!

  1. Give your forms more visibility

If a user needs to navigate four pages deep from your homepage to find your form, you’re likely losing conversions. Be mindful of the context and placement of your forms. Make them as simple as possible for your audience to find. Placing forms in a sidebar or visible banner on your homepage will boost traffic and conversions.

  1. Reduce the number of fields within your form

Cut down the number of fields on your form to the bare essentials. Each additional field represents another obstacle for your audience to overcome. Since decreasing the number of fields has proven to improve the rates of form submissions, evaluating each field is crucial.

  1. Prioritize the most relevant data

When forms are too long or complex, respondents can become overwhelmed and abandon the form entirely. First, consider the minimum amount of data you require from a lead. Create a form to collect the essential data required in your CRM with marketing automation. Then, you can add conditional options. Visitors who wish to provide additional information can expand the form.  

  1. Leverage multiple pages to make longer forms more manageable

Sometimes, it’s impossible to avoid a lengthy form. With Zoho’s CRM marketing automation, collecting large amounts of information is simple. Make it easier for your respondents to complete lengthy forms by breaking the form into multiple pages. Keep the process manageable for your audience to increase form conversion rates.

  1. Sweeten the pot with a compelling call to action

Encourage respondents to complete their form with a well-placed submission button and a relevant call to action. Show your audience what they stand to gain by submitting the form by changing the button text to an actionable command. Rather than merely pressing “submit”, encourage your customers to “schedule a call” or “request price” via button text.

  1. Only create forms for specific objectives

Make sure to have a clearly defined objective for each form you create in your CRM with marketing automation. If you don’t plan to use the data collected, a form might not be the most effective method. Consider the plan for your collected data before pulling the trigger on any forms in your email marketing software.

  1. Confirmation landing pages and emails provide context

Acknowledging form receipt is crucial to any business process automation software. Let your audience know that their information has been received by redirecting to a landing page thanking them. Use confirmation landing pages to offer additional information and let customers know what to expect. Zoho sales automation can also send confirmation emails to thank your audience and keep them informed of the next step. Zoho’s email marketing software makes it simple to automate your confirmation emails.

  1. Test each component of the form

Zoho’s CRM with marketing automation allows users to establish KPIs to measure trends against benchmarks. Users can test form layout, colors, button text, placement, amount of fields, and much more. Testing one variable at a time allows your business to hone in on what’s working, and what’s not. Optimize your forms to increase form conversion rates for your organization.

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