Reasons Your CRM Workflow Should Be Automated

workflow automation

If your business isn’t leveraging workflow automation software, you’re leaving money on the table. Automating routine and repetitive tasks is an outstanding way to increase employee efficiency. Choosing a CRM with workflow automation can boost productivity for every department at your organization. But with so many options on the market, selecting the right automation software can be overwhelming. Let’s learn how Zoho workflow automation software can streamline business processes at your business.

How can workflow automation software improve HR processes?

HR management solutions are the foundation of your employee relations. However, many HR processes involve routine data entry and other repetitive daily tasks. With Zoho workflow automation software, your HR management app will integrate effortlessly with your CRM. Here are some invaluable workflows to consider delegating to your HR automation software

  1.  Document signatures – Many important documents need to be signed and stored within your HR system. Streamline this process with HR automation software. Integrate a digital signature application to automatically store signed employee documents.

2.  Automate team chat notifications – Create a workflow to automatically send notifications to a team’s channel when an employee joins, leaves, or submits a request for leave.

3.  Automate new employee onboarding – Build a multi step workflow to automate your company’s onboarding process. Once a new employee is added to your HR management app, a new employee email account will automatically be created, and onboarding materials will automatically be delivered to the new hire.

4.  Payroll processing – With workflow automation software, you can automatically create new accounts in your payroll app when new hires are added to your HR app. Create CRM workflows to automate HR application changes to sync with your payroll app.

5.  Automate expense reporting – When new employees are added to your HR app, you can build a workflow to create a new expense reporting account. Any changes to the designation of an employee made in your HR app will automatically update within your expense reporting app.

6.  Automate timesheet invoicing – Establish a workflow to generate invoices from employee timesheets. Your workflow automation software can even send invoices to clients automatically.

7.  Automate employee feedback – Outside of an exit interview, surveying former employees can be the most valuable source of feedback. Automate your exit survey to send to employees once they have been removed from your HR management software.

What CRM workflows can you automate in your Zoho CRM?

Business process automation software offers limitless potential. While every company will use Zoho’s CRM workflows in their own unique way, there are some workflow automations that are almost universally useful.

  • Import your new LinkedIn contacts as new leads in your CRM.
  • Create new CRM leads when fresh prospects engage with your outbound campaigns.
  • Send notes from your sales meetings directly to your CRM.
  • Create sales campaigns for new inbound CRM leads.
  • Receive Slack notifications when leads are added to your CRM.
  • Automate invoices for CRM leads.

How can workflow automation software support sales and marketing efforts?

Email marketing automation offers powerful tools to reach a global audience. Ensure that your sales and marketing teams leverage these tools to their fullest potential. Zoho supports countless marketing automation integrations to improve the productivity of your sales and marketing teams.

Automatically subscribe leads to your newsletter

Eliminate manual data entry from your lead management process. Set up CRM workflows to transfer new lead data to your newsletter subscriber list.

Automate adding and editing CRM contacts

Keeping an updated contact list can be time-consuming without business process automation software. With marketing automation integration, you can automate additions and updates to your CRM contacts.

Add event participants to your contacts

Events require a significant amount of effort to conduct. Maximize the return on your investment by automatically adding all event registrants to your CRM contacts.

Subscribe ecommerce customers to your mailing list

Keep your customers engaged with your products by automatically adding them to your mailing list once they make a purchase. Whenever you have a new customer in your e-commerce store, their contact information will automatically transfer to your CRM.

Maintain and track email campaign records

Your marketing team puts great effort and resources into each email campaign. Track campaign results and store relevant information for later analysis with automated workflows. Build a workflow to deploy on a regular schedule, adding important information to the appropriate spreadsheets. You can also automate notifications for whenever a campaign reaches a target performance metric.

Add new WordPress users to your newsletter subscription

Eliminate the manual effort of adding your new WordPress users to your newsletter subscription with a CRM workflow. You can even tailor your workflow to organize different mailing lists for specific situations.

Receive feedback from unsubscribers

Unsubscriptions are par for the course for newsletters of any size. Learning why subscribers choose to disengage with your campaigns offers invaluable insight. With workflow automation software, you can automate a follow-up email to gather feedback whenever anyone unsubscribes.

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