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7 Questions to Ask While Evaluating Marketing Automation Software

By September 14, 2022February 28th, 20242 Comments
7 Questions to Ask While Evaluating Marketing Automation Software

Is your business searching for the most suitable marketing automation software? If so, you’re certainly not alone! Marketing automation tools have the power to transform your customer relationships. Best of all, automation allows your company to dedicate fewer resources to marketing while fostering manageable growth. However, choosing the right marketing automation software isn’t always an easy task. When you understand the right questions to ask, choosing software for your organization becomes much easier. Let’s review the top questions to ask when you are evaluating marketing automation software.

What are people saying about this software?

Begin your search by getting the word on the street. Speaking with current users and other marketers about their workflow automation software is a good place to start. You can also research independent review sites to see what they have to say about the software of your interest.

Which features does this software include?

Good marketing automation software encompasses much more than just email marketing. Zoho includes workflow management tools to improve all of your marketing processes. From qualifying leads to customer retention, Zoho’s marketing automation suite offers scalable solutions. Also ensure that your software choice is GDPR- and HIPPA-compliant. When your customers know that their data is protected, their trust in your company will be invaluable.

Does this software support the necessary integrations?

Your sales and marketing teams need to work together in harmony. Support effortless communications by choosing a marketing automation tool that integrates with your CRM and other SaaS platforms. Identify which tools are essential for integration, and make sure that your marketing automation software supports integration.

Does the vendor offer sufficient support?

Implementing marketing and workflow automation software can be a challenging task. Make sure that your software vendor provides an easy and comprehensive onboarding. After your automation system has been established, look for vendors that offer ongoing customer support. Ideally, opt for an automation software that offers phone assistance, which is usually the speediest way to address an issue.

Does this software work for the size of my team?

Team collaboration software ensures strong communication across your departments. Choose a solution that can be used collaboratively by your marketing team. Find a vendor that offers scalable plans to add more users as your company grows. Zoho’s team collaboration software can be scaled to fulfill the needs of your growing enterprise.

Is the cost of the software worth the ROI?

Choosing the cheapest marketing automation software on the market is ill-advised. However, you don’t want to overspend on a platform that doesn’t deliver measurable results. Look for software that provides the necessary features for a reasonable price. Make sure to review your contract for hidden costs and fees. Take care to understand the overall cost of the product before pulling the trigger.

What KPIs/metrics does this software use to measure performance?

Marketing automation software should track your campaigns with surgical precision. Make sure your software is equipped to measure the success of a campaign. Zoho offers customizable dashboards to track, measure, and manage each campaign. Automate granular reporting to receive actionable insights from the performance of each marketing item. You’ll be able to discern whether or not a particular marketing effort is beneficial in seconds.

marketing plus roi dashboard

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