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Zoho’s Landing Page

A landing page is more than a webpage; it’s your campaign’s digital gateway. Meticulously crafted for specific actions, from purchases to subscriptions, it ensures focused user conversion in a distraction-free environment

Key Elements of an Effective Landing Page

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Clear Call-to-Action (CTA)

A compelling and visible CTA guides users on what action to take, ensuring a straightforward conversion process

Minimalist Design

Streamlined and distraction-free design focuses user attention on the essential elements, reducing bounce rates

Relevant and Engaging Content

Content is tailored to match the campaign’s message, addressing user needs and sparking interest

Mobile Optimization

With an increasing number of users accessing the internet via mobile devices, landing pages must be optimized for seamless mobile experiences

Analytics Integration

To measure performance, landing pages often incorporate analytics tools to track user behavior and assess the success of the campaign

Zoho Landing Page Features & Advantages

Create, publish, manage, analyze, connect, optimize, and secure your landing pages efficiently with Zoho’s comprehensive Landing Page Builder

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Drag &
Drop Builder

No-code design with a simple drag & drop interface for quick and easy page creation

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Over 100 well-thought-out section templates and custom sections for efficient page building

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Add custom HTML/CSS/JS codes for personalized pages and popups

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Add countdown timers to spice up ad campaigns and prompt user actions

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Efficiently manage and use images directly within the landing page builder

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Page Elements

Choose from a variety of pre-built elements, including text, images, forms, buttons, maps, and more

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Form and
Popup Builders

Easily create forms and popups with drag-and-drop functionality, customizing fields and designs

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Configure meta titles, descriptions, and keywords for improved search engine visibility

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Preview pages on different screens to optimize layouts for desktop, tablet, and mobile

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Copy existing designs for new content creation, saving time and effort

Publishing Options

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Domain Connection

Link custom domains for authentic brand publishing

Publishing Options icn 02

Free Subdomain

Quickstart campaigns with Zoho LandingPage’s free subdomain

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SSL Encryption

Secure HTTPS hosting with free SSL encryption

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Schedule page publication and unpublish pages based on campaign timelines

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Management & Analytics

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Page Grouping

Efficiently organize your landing pages by creating page groups, categorizing them under relevant themes or topics for streamlined and intuitive management

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Lead Backup and Enrichment

Download leads, utilize AI for enrichment, and maintain robust data backup for comprehensive lead management

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Analytics and Optimization Insights

Gain insights into visits, conversions, and user behavior through Page Analytics, Heatmap, and Scrollmap, refining strategies accordingly.

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Audit Logs

Transparent tracking of user alterations, ensuring accountability and providing a comprehensive overview of changes made

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Workspaces and User Management

Create dedicated workspaces, manage users, and fine-tune access roles for optimal project organization and control

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Testing and Personalization Strategies

Conduct A/B Testing, dynamically replace text, and personalize content for maximum impact and relevance.

Integration & Connectivity

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Zappier Integratiom IMg0001

Security & Compliance

Enhanced Security Features

Prioritize security with advanced functionalities

Free SSL Certificate

Obtain free SSL certificates for enhanced authenticity

GDPR Compliance

Ensure compliance with GDPR standards

Why Choose Enable?

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Zoho Certified Partner

Unlock the full potential of Zoho Landing Pages with our expertise as a certified partner

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Tailored Solutions

Benefit from personalized landing page solutions that align precisely with your business goals

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Dedicated Support

Rely on our dedicated support team for ongoing assistance, ensuring optimal landing page performance

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