Increase Sales with Zoho Marketing Automation

Zoho Marketing Automation

Marketing automation software offers a myriad of benefits to every type of sales department. Zoho Marketing Automation is an all-in-one suite of marketing automation software supporting multichannel integrations. If your company is exploring marketing automation tools, we’d like to explore the advantages of choosing Zoho. We will review the most beneficial features of Zoho Marketing Automation, demonstrate its practical applications, and discover how to best leverage your CRM with marketing automation. Let’s dive in and learn how Zoho Marketing Automation can increase sales at your organization!

What is Zoho Marketing Automation?

Zoho Marketing Automation offers a unified platform for successful marketing management across your various channels. Users can generate, qualify, and nurture leads from multiple channels, all inside of one platform. This marketing automation software includes comprehensive lead management, web behavior marketing and analytics, multichannel marketing planner, and integrations for external business applications.

How can Zoho Marketing Automation increase my sales?

With so many features in the Zoho Marketing Automation suite, it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed. Let’s take a look at how the various features of Zoho Marketing Automation work to support and improve your sales.

Lead Tracking | Zoho Marketing Automation

Website lead tracking is crucial to capturing new prospects at the right stage of their customer journey. Zoho Marketing Automation makes it easy to collect leads from web forms or third-party applications and sort your leads into groups with distinct objectives. Automating website lead tracking saves your company time translating lead data between interfaces. Using marketing automation for lead generation reduces the time spent on routine tasks. Your sales team will have more time to convert when they aren’t busy collecting leads from disparate sources!

Web Behavior Tracking | Zoho Marketing Automation

After capturing a lead’s information, Zoho Marketing Automation’s Web Assistant feature supports website behavior tracking. Using powerful analytics, you’re able to view your lead’s actions on your website. Learn what pages your leads viewed, how much time they spent on each page, and what other pages they browsed on your website. Marrying web behavior tracking with the information provided by your lead opens the door to remarkable insight. For visitors who do not provide information, Zoho Marketing Automation offers an aggregate page popularity map. Explore the likelihood of click-throughs per page and more reports with this exciting marketing automation software.

Custom email marketing campaigns | Zoho Marketing Automation

Leverage the behavioral data collected by your marketing automation software by creating hyper-targeted email campaigns based on the interests of your leads. Email marketing automation enables your company to reach a larger audience while simultaneously providing a more personalized marketing campaign. After your leads receive your email campaign, lead scoring marketing automation helps identify intent. Based on how your leads engage with your content, Zoho Marketing Automation can send the most likely to convert straight to sales. Focus the energy of your sales team on the most valuable leads to avoid eating up hours communicating with those unlikely to convert.

Create a personal customer journey for each persona | Zoho Marketing Automation

The data gathered by your marketing automation software is invaluable to creating a bespoke customer experience. Use this data to modify your website to eliminate obstacles and support faster lead conversion. By interacting with your audience from their first visit, your company can create unique paths based on their behavior. Customer journeys can be created around interest in a specific service or product, or by the customer’s persona. Ensure that your business delivers the right offers to the right leads at the right moment with Zoho Marketing Automation

Engage naturally with customers after the sale | Zoho Marketing Automation

Your existing customer list is one of the most valuable marketing resources at your disposal. Leverage their trust by offering them other services and products that appeal to their interests. Zoho Marketing Automation supplies the data required to decide how and when to connect with your current customers for remarketing efforts. Reach the customers who already know and appreciate your company with campaigns, surveys, and other promotional material to sell more with minimal effort.

Marketing Automation Project Plans | Zoho Marketing Automation

Imagine knowing how well a campaign will perform before deciding to pull the trigger. Invest resources into campaigns that produce results, with the help of Zoho Marketing Automation. Marketing Planner helps your business plan future campaigns based around the precise ROI. This tool uses analytics to calculate the ROI of both marketing channels, and campaigns in each channel. Using marketing automation to project-plan helps your company focus their efforts on the most effective campaigns.


Zoho CRM with Marketing Automation

Combining the powers of the Zoho CRM with Marketing Automation can transform your sales department. Integrating your CRM and Marketing Automation saves time translating and calculating raw data. Automating the data transfer saves even more time. Here are examples of how Zoho Marketing Automation can support your sales team through CRM integration.

  • Your sales team can use web tracking data to determine how to open the lead, based on the time spent on your website.
  • Learn which services or products to promote based on the specific combination of pages visited by a lead.
  • Understand the likelihood of lead conversion based on their email campaign engagement.
  • Prioritize which warm leads to pursue, and discover the ideal time to engage.

Most of this information can be garnered through careful data analysis. But why spend time and energy calculating this information yourself, when your CRM with marketing automation can do it faster?


Is marketing automation easy to use?

Yes, Zoho Marketing Automation is extremely user-friendly! Marketing Automation was designed to be accessible and intuitive. Create single-click campaigns and control your digital marketing department from one platform.

What is the biggest obstacle to marketing automation?

Often, failure to leverage marketing automation creates operational inefficiency. It’s not always easy to know which software to choose, how to implement it correctly, and how to train your team to use it properly. Fortunately, Enable can help with the implementation and integration of any Zoho product – including Marketing Automation.

Learn how Zoho Marketing Automation can benefit your organization!

When you’re ready to discover the myriad benefits of Zoho’s marketing automation software, let Enable make it simple. Schedule your introductory call today to work with a professional Zoho consultant to empower your sales team with marketing automation.