How much does Zoho cost?

The Real Costs of Implementing Zoho CRM

Looking for a new way to organize and optimize your business? Customer Relationship Management, or CRM software can be an impactful solution. Zoho offers CRM software proven to help your team achieve an efficient workflow. If you're curious to learn about Zoho CRM pricing, let's explore what the available tiers have to offer!

How much does Zoho CRM cost?

Zoho CRM pricing is determined by:

  • the number of users
  • which features and solutions are included

Your Zoho CRM pricing will vary depending on which edition you select and how many user licenses you need. There are four CRM editions available : Standard, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate. Offering different features, the CRM pricing ranges from $14 monthly, per user, to $52 monthly, per user.

Price:$0$14 monthly, per user$23 monthly, per user$40 monthly, per user$52 monthly, per user
Storage:User: N/A
User: N/A
Company: 200MB
User: 20MB
Company: 10GB
User: 50MB
Company (>200 users): 10GB
Company (<200 users): 15GB
User: 100MB
Company (<200 users): 10GB
Company (<200 users): 30GB
Support:BasicStandardLive Support
(chat, call, e-mail)
Standard24/7 Live Support
(chat, call, e-mail)
Lead Scoring:N/AIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
CustomN/ALimit of 100IncludedIncludedIncluded

Zoho CRM Pricing

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Zoho CRM free can be used for up to three users. For larger organizations or more features, Zoho CRM is an invaluable investment. Zoho CRM pricing begins at $14 a month per user, billed annually.

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On the fence about committing to a Zoho CRM contract? Why not begin with a 30 day Zoho CRM free trial? The Zoho free trial allows you to experience our CRM solutions without making an up-front commitment. Once you see how much value your Zoho CRM trial provides, you’ll be equipped to decide on the right tier for your needs.

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The five tiers of Zoho CRM pricing deliver additional features and solutions as you ascend in price.

Standard Zoho CRM

Best for: Zoho’s Standard CRM plan is ideal for small businesses to begin. If your organization doesn’t need many user licenses, you might be tempted to stick with the free Zoho CRM. However, the free Zoho doesn’t include many of our most popular features and solutions. Unlock more storage, as well as superior automation and customization, by opting for an upgraded plan. Enjoy features including:

Professional Zoho CRM

Best for: Zoho Professional is designed for companies who plan to scale in the future. It’s the perfect solution for an affordable CRM suite that can grow with your organization. You’ll find Zoho Professional to be a viable compromise between the Standard plan and the costlier packages. You’ll unlock more tools and features, such as:

Enterprise Zoho CRM

Best for: As the name suggests, Zoho Enterprise caters to larger organizations. Delivering the full suite of CRM features, Zoho Enterprise is an outstanding option for companies to optimize their CRM needs. If your business has unique CRM needs, the automation-focused Enterprise plan makes it easy to customize your features. Along with the features included in the previous Zoho plans, you’ll also enjoy:

Ultimate Zoho CRM

Best for: Large companies who need increased capability. If your business needs a serious CRM overhaul, the Zoho Ultimate package could be the right solution. The Zoho Unlimited plan includes the features from all previous plans, along with:

How much does Zoho One cost?

Interested in a CRM suite that can run virtually every facet of your organization? Zoho One offers over 40 integrated applications, all organized on one easy dashboard. This centralized administrative system is named for its all-in-one licensing model.

Zoho One pricing begins at $37 monthly, per user, under the annual All Users plan. You’ll find that Zoho One pricing ranges from $37 monthly to $90 monthly, per user, under the annual Flexible User Pricing plan. Flexible User Pricing is ideal if only a few users need to utilize a particular application.

Best for: Growing companies who need flexible solutions for their ever-changing needs. Zoho One encompasses a complete set of tools to manage and grow every component of your business.

For more information on any Zoho CRM pricing, contact Enable your Zoho Consultant today!