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Top Features of Zoho CRM Plus

By March 1, 2023January 17th, 2024No Comments
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Zoho’s CRM Plus software offers a unified platform to manage customer relations through every stage of the sales cycle.

The tools included with Zoho CRM Plus equip your company to boost conversions, improve sales, and optimize your business processes. Using a CRM with marketing automation allows your brand to reach a broader audience by engaging across multiple channels. With so many tools to explore, let’s begin by reviewing the top features of Zoho CRM Plus.

Sales Automation

This CRM software supports everything from lead generation to workflow process management. Automate routine and repetitive tasks to reduce departmental labor expenses. Manage customers through the entire sales pipeline, using real-time data and analytics to guide your decisions.

CRM Email Marketing

With enterprise-grade automated email marketing software, Zoho CRM Plus makes it simple to manage your email. Organize and categorize messages, automate alerts for time-sensitive communications, and enjoy endless options for customization.

Website Lead Tracking

Your CRM software lets you track your website visitors, connect with them over live chat, and nurture your prospects through conversion. Zoho’s website visitor tracking offers contextual support to understand visitors’ position within the sales cycle.

Helpdesk Support

Support ticket management has never been easier. With Zoho CRM Plus, your team can monitor, respond, manage, and resolve support tickets more efficiently. This Zoho CRM integration provides contextual understanding to give your customers the highest degree of support.

Project Collaboration Tools

Organize your CRM workflows and keep everyone on the same page. Zoho’s team collaboration tools allow you to streamline your day-to-day workflows effectively. Track project progress, collaborate with colleagues, and improve communications with Zoho’s CRM software.

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Automated Email Marketing

Design and execute enterprise-grade email marketing campaigns with Zoho CRM Plus. Zoho’s email marketing platform includes tools to create, deliver, track, and measure email campaigns and their performance. Featuring tools for email automation, A/B testing, and pre-built templates, Zoho’s email marketing software is suitable for businesses of any size.

Multichannel Social Media

Social media management software helps your company reach customers on a personal level. Manage your brand across multiple channels with Zoho’s CRM software. Monitor conversations around your company and engage with your audience through numerous channels – all from one platform.

Customer Surveys

Receive invaluable input from your customers by sending surveys to assess their satisfaction. Discover new product concepts, address your customers’ top concerns, and unlock actionable insight. With this CRM software, it’s easy to design an impactful survey to unearth crucial information.

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How is Zoho CRM Plus different from other CRM platforms?

Zoho’s CRM software is an all-in-one platform to manage every aspect of your customer relations. Your sales teams will have the support they need to track their leads and convert them into customers. With limitless Zoho CRM integrations, your CRM platform unifies data from external business applications. When your sales team engages with a lead, they’ll have a comprehensive view of the lead’s information at their fingertips

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