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How a CRM for Marketing Automation Can Boost Business Efficiency

By August 24, 2022February 28th, 20249 Comments

How a CRM for Marketing Automation Can Boost Business Efficiency

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It’s impossible for a business to be successful without creating a positive customer experience. Different companies use a wide range of metrics to track and quantify the experiences of their customers. But no matter how your business measures and records customer experiences, there’s no denying that your brand image is paramount. 

Zoho’s CRM with marketing automation is much more than a contact management tool. With this marketing automation software, you’ll be equipped to unite your organization with a central view of data. Are you ready to manage excellent customer relationships and reduce operational inefficiencies? Improving business efficiency has never been easier than with Zoho marketing automation. Let’s investigate how Zoho CRM can improve efficiencies at your company.

Manage All of Your Marketing Channels In One Place

Today’s businesses rely on a number of separate digital channels to get their messages across to customers and potential leads. On any given day, your time might create email campaigns, social media campaigns, and even send SMS messages to your mobile audience. All of these initiatives will have their own goals and strategies, but they’re all trying to achieve the same thing – to boost your brand’s image and bolster custom awareness! 

With so many different platforms to manage, the ability to handle them all in one convenient place can do a lot to improve the efficiency of your marketing team. That’s exactly what the Zoho CRM with marketing automation is built to help you do. With Zoho marketing automation, you can:

  1. Use Zoho email marketing to create and send emails to your subscribers
  2. Gain new leads with marketing automation lead generation tools
  3. Send text messages to your mobile audience using an SMS gateway
  4. Manage your business’s social media presence, create campaigns, and measure reach
  5. Track important metrics in one easy-to-use interface for maximum efficiency

Track Your Customer Journey from Lead to Conversion

Every customer starts off as a lead, so understanding the path that they take to conversion and managing that journey effectively can go a long way towards improving the efficiency of your business. With Zoho marketing automation software, tracking customer journeys is easier than ever. With an intuitive drag and drop builder, you’ll be able to create custom flows that give you maximum control. The Zoho CRM with marketing automation allows you to:

  1. Build custom journeys with predefined conditions
  2. Make use of ready-to-use flows from the Zoho template gallery
  3. View lead journeys and generate reports to understand how your customers convert

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Gain Useful Insights with Accurate Analytics

If you’re hoping to understand how leads and customers are interacting with your site and campaigns so that you can manage them as efficiently as possible, you can definitely benefit from a powerful analytics platform. Luckily, Zoho marketing automation is designed to make collecting relevant data and making sense of it as easy as possible. 

With web attribution reports, you’ll get a detailed view of what led each lead to conversion – so you’ll know where your marketing efforts can be most efficiently allocated. With just a few clicks you can create reports that will shed light on important landing pages, lead sources, and referrers for time periods that you specify. 

It’s also important to understand how users behave once they reach your website. Using Zoho CRM with marketing automation, you can set goals on specific site pages and generate website behavior reports to keep track of your results, including new and returning site visitors. 

Ready to get started? Enable can help! We’re experts when it comes to marketing automation integration. You can rely on our team to assist in onboarding Zoho CRM with marketing automation in a way that matches how you do business. This way, you’ll benefit from improved marketing efficiency, make the most of your leads, and keep your customers engaged.  Give us a call today!