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What is the Difference Between a Consultant and Developer

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As companies grow more reliant on technology for every business process, the need for IT professionals also grows. For a business owner, it can be difficult to identify which IT professionals provide the necessary contributions. In the CRM space, both software developers and CRM consultants have much to offer. Let’s explore the differences between software developers and CRM consulting services. We’ll review the responsibilities of each professional, and explain their role in the software development process.

Software Developer Role

Software developers create, develop, evaluate, maintain, and test computer software. They write software using various frameworks and coding languages. Most software developers possess advanced knowledge of at least one programming language.

Software Consultant Role

By contrast, software consultants handle the strategy and application of the software to solve business problems. Software consultants engage in project collaboration with developers to execute software development tasks. Their primary role is to provide informed advice on how to leverage your business software best to meet your goals. Companies hire CRM consultants to strategize and design software to meet their objectives. Zoho consultants will work with your business to create a plan for software implementation.

CRM Software Developer vs CRM Software Consultant

CRM consultants work directly with the client to ascertain their objectives. A Zoho consultant will provide technical advice on the right plan to achieve the client’s goals of boosting revenue, cutting costs, or optimizing business processes. CRM consultants get their marching orders from the client and collaborate with the developers to execute tasks. Software developers receive instructions from their project manager and work with business analysts and architects as they write the required software.

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When do I need to hire a CRM consulting service?

Wondering if you need to hire a CRM consultant? If you have to ask, you probably needed one yesterday! Here are some instances in which a company might hire a CRM consulting service.

  • If you have an approaching deadline, but your teams are occupied with other projects.
  • If you need to improve finished code but lack the technical knowledge.

If you wish to add complex Zoho integrations to your CRM.

  • If you struggle to establish effective marketing automation integrations.
  • If you wish to improve UI or functionality within your existing CRM platform.
  • If you plan to migrate CRM platforms and need to establish or maintain integration with Zoho.

How CRM consultants can help improve your business

CRM consultants help you leverage your software to its full potential. Let’s review what a Zoho consultant can accomplish for your business.

  • Offer access to qualified software developers
  • Provide a transparent perspective of your software development pipeline
  • Flexible options to suit your budget and timeline
  • Avoid the risk of making expensive software development mistakes
  • Avoid “feature creep” and keep focus on the software’s core function
  • Segment software development into a workflow with distinct milestones
  • Boost development time and improve resource management
  • Retain consultants for long-term, multi-project collaboration
  • Produce a higher-quality product and improve product reception post-launch

Call the licensed CRM consultants at Enable today!

Bringing a new IT professional on board can be intimidating, especially if you lack technical knowledge. With the right software consultant, you’ll have no trouble establishing an effective framework for your CRM. When you’re ready to start searching for the ideal CRM consulting service, Enable is ready to help. Our experienced team of consultants make CRM implementation efficient and easy. For more information on the advantages of using a Zoho consulting firm to implement and establish Zoho integrations, contact Enable today. We look forward to speaking with you during your complimentary introductory call!

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