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Help your organization develop a culture of constructive collaboration with Zoho WorkDrive. Improving project collaboration processes will increase productivity and performance across the board. With the right communication tools and file management solutions, you’ll foster efficient collaboration. 

Zoho WorkDrive is a digital workspace platform, online file management system, and team collaboration software. Suitable for organizations of every size, these project management collaboration tools support workforce optimization. It doesn’t matter if your employees are working from the same room, or from different continents. Zoho WorkDrive empowers your organization to collaborate to produce amazing results effectively.


Features Overview | Zoho WorkDrive

Zoho WorkDrive includes many remarkable project collaboration tools. From secure file storage to real-time communication solutions, this collaboration software has much to offer. Let’s explore how Zoho WorkDrive features can transform the way your organization communicates

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Enjoy access to the Zoho Office Suite. These business applications and productivity tools include Zoho Writer, Zoho Sheets, and Zoho Show. Boost productivity and improve efficiency with this contextually-integrated business app suite.

Device-agnostic software will be compatible across most common platforms and systems. Work seamlessly with your colleagues without needing extra adaptations.

Simple, secure file sharing for internal and external communication. Users can easily share folders or files with co-workers or customers from Zoho WorkDrive. Receive updates when changes are made to your files, and assign edit/view privileges from your online file management system.  

Sophisticated file management supports enhanced organization. Sort your company files into specific team folders for your various projects. Simple and advanced search functionalities make it easy to find what you need right when you need it.

User and role management offer nuanced administrative abilities. Admins can grant segmented access to digital workspace tools based on user or role. The simple user management interface makes it easy to add and remove users as needed.

Admin policies and controls can regulate user/file/folder access, sharing permissions, device location restrictions, editing policies, and many other permissions.

Workspace management tools allow you to govern your shared, secure digital workspace platform. Administer storage limits, control access by device, and create a supportive environment for your teams to collaborate.

Functional groups allow a specific set of users to manage a specific set of data. Assign roles, subordinates, and sub-groups within your team collaboration software. Establish data-sharing rules to control which records are accessible to individual groups. Groups are ideal for supporting team efforts to attain workforce optimization.

Activity reports and audit trails track and measure user activity and storage. Create custom reports from pre-built templates to access detailed information about company activity. You can filter data by activity type, time, member, folder, and more. Generate, secure, and export your reporting at any time from your Admin Console. 

Data security measures enable your team to transfer and store information in a secure environment. Share sensitive documents online with confidence, knowing that Zoho WorkDrive offers enterprise-grade security. WorkDrive is compliant with industry regulatory security standards, including SOC 2 and ISO 27001.

End-to-end encryption keeps your data secure 24/7, whether it’s at rest or in transit. Perfect Forward Secrecy creates a unique key for each session to protect your files while in transit. When your Zoho WorkDrive files are at rest, they are encrypted with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard.

Two-factor authentication provides additional protection for your Zoho WorkDrive account. Go above and beyond basic password protection. Safeguard account access by generating a unique code each time a user logs in to their digital workspace.


What can Zoho WorkDrive do for my team?

Zoho WorkDrive provides a central digital workspace platform for your team to collaborate in real-time. Eliminate operational inefficiencies caused by disparate file management systems with Zoho WorkDrive integrations. Cultivate an organized, user-friendly environment for sharing information easily without sacrificing security. We’ll review some of the key benefits of using Zoho WorkDrive to boost collaboration.

Enable scalable growth for your organization.


Zoho WorkDrive makes it easy to adapt your experience as your company continues to grow and evolve. Nascent businesses can begin with the Basic plan, which includes a 1TB storage limit per team. As your enterprise begins to scale, you can upgrade your functionality as needed.

Enjoy easy online file management for teams.


Group your data into folders and subfolders for individual teams and projects to make it easy to find the right information. This document management system is equipped with basic and advanced search functionalities. Locate specific data in seconds based on a simple keyword or file name.

24/7 encryption guards your data in transit or at rest


Protect sensitive data while enabling access permission for the correct users. Zoho enacts proactive security practices at the logical, physical, and data levels. Our servers are hosted in secured locations, shielded from physical damage. What’s more, a copy of your files is backed up and secured, safe in an alternate server, and ready for immediate access.

Admin-level controls support team-level security.


Set permissions based on roles or users to protect your company from internal data theft. Admins can grant users permission to share files internally, externally, or both. Easily transfer file ownership to keep internal documents within your organization. Control the availability of your data with link expiration dates for external sharing. Customize role-based permissions to grant users the appropriate access to view, comment, or edit.

Zoho WorkDrive offers a speedy and intuitive setup process.


This user-friendly digital workspace platform is incredibly easy to inaugurate into your company. Send invitation links to team members in seconds, or add member email addresses manually. Zoho WorkDrive takes the hard work out of your onboarding process. Even better, WorkDrive is device-agnostic, and can be accessed by your user’s preferred device.

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No matter the size of your enterprise, Zoho Workspace offers valuable project collaboration tools. Teams both large and small can collaborate from web or mobile within team folders. Reach out to Enable to schedule an introductory demonstration and learn how Zoho WorkDrive can benefit your company.

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What is Zoho WorkDrive?

Zoho WorkDrive is a secure online file management system and digital workspace platform. Suitable for businesses of any size, Zoho WorkDrive provides a unified interface for real-time collaboration.

Is there a free edition available in Zoho WorkDrive?

No, currently Zoho does not offer a free edition of WorkDrive.

Can I create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations within Zoho WorkDrive?

Yes, using the included Zoho Office Suite applications. Users can design, create, and build documents, spreadsheets, or presentations from within WorkDrive.

Can I add new files or folders to a folder shared with me?

Edit or Organize permission for a shared folder is required to add new folders or files. Note that all new files and folders you add will automatically have the same sharing permission as the parent folder.