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Key Elements and Features

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  • Stay updated and manage business operations seamlessly
  • Unify customer-facing operations with team pipelines
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  • Manage tasks and activities directly from pipelines
  • Create, follow up, complete, and delete tasks effortlessly
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Products and
Customer Management
  • Create product lists and associate them with deals
  • Organize and automate lead conversion to customers
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Import, Export,
and Forms
  • Import data from spreadsheets automatically
  • Create customized forms for data capture across channels
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  • Receive real-time notifications with Bigin’s Signals
  • Integrate with Gmail and communicate effortlessly
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  • Communicate consistently across various channels
  • Use built-in telephony, email, Twitter, and more
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Automation and
  • Automate routine tasks with workflow automation
  • Integrate with Zapier, Zoho Flow, and Zoho Invoice for efficiency
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Team Collaboration
and Customization
  • Ensure seamless coordination with team pipelines
  • Customize fields, modules, and utilize multi-currency options
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Analytics and
Data Administration
  • Analyze essential metrics with dashboards
  • Transform customer data into insights with Zoho Analytics
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Security and
  • Ensure GDPR and HIPAA compliance
  • Benefit from single sign-on and multi-factor authentication

Developer Center, Mobile Applications, and Security

  • Enhance CRM with the Developer Center for integrations
  • Access Bigin on Apple and Samsung devices, ensuring security compliance

Bigin’s Commitment to International Standards and Data Security

Adhering to various international certifications, Bigin, as part of the Zoho ecosystem, ensures compliance and meets rigorous standards in data protection and management

Why Choose Enable?

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Zoho Certified Partner

Benefit from our expertise as a certified partner in delivering Zoho CRM solutions

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Custom Solutions for Small Businesses

Our tailored approach ensures Bigin aligns precisely with your small business needs

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Dedicated Support

Count on our dedicated support team for optimal performance and ongoing assistance

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