Benefits of An All in One Software Platform for Small Business

All in One Software

Finding the right software to operate various parts of your business isn’t easy. Finding an efficient and cost-effective software system for your company can seem impossible! Zoho One, an all in one software platform, is the answer to your enterprise software prayers. Zoho’s all-in-one CRM software offers solutions for your entire workflow. You’ll enjoy around 45 different business applications, bundled for one affordable price. Let’s explore the advantages of choosing a bundled software suite for your organization!

Top Advantages of All-In-One Software Platform for Small Businesses

Improve data entry productivity

When a company uses disparate programs from multiple vendors, it’s easy to waste time entering data in different systems. Avoid duplicate data entries, save money on labor, and ensure that the correct information is entered across the board with Zoho One. This data integration platform eliminates wasteful activity by keeping your data unified on one interface.

Avoid errors from miscommunication

Eliminate mistakes from information falling through the cracks with Zoho’s all in one software tools. For small businesses, it’s common for employees to wear several hats. Keep your entire team on the same page with the help of an all in one software platform, Zoho One. This software system seamlessly integrates communication between your applications. Avoid missing deadlines, neglecting to invoice, and late deliverables with Zoho’s communication tools.

Effortlessly exchange data between applications

Manually transferring data can be a huge drain on employee time. So is delaying a project because one department can’t access the necessary information to complete a task. Data communication must be accurate and immediate to avoid disastrous consequences. An all in one software platform, Zoho One helps your company avoid expensive mistakes with an all-in-one data integration platform. Ensure that your entire organization uses the same, updated information, and eliminate time-wasting manual data transfers.

Reduce your need for tech experts

Maybe your business uses software systems that promise API integrations. Far too many systems demand professional assistance for custom API integrations. For a small business, this can quickly become expensive and time-consuming. Zoho’s CRM software offers an all-in-one software system. Every application will work together seamlessly right out of the box. Save money on tech expertise, and save time installing custom integrations by choosing an all-in-one platform.

Save time with automated workflows

Repetitive daily tasks can consume the majority of an employee’s workday. Why saddle your staff with mundane, routine tasks when you can automate them with Zoho One? Workflow automation software can help your team improve productivity and efficiency. It’s much easier to build a comprehensive workflow when your applications are already integrated. When you use all-in-one CRM software, your transactions and data are automatically transferred. It’s simple to visualize and map out your business processes for automation.

Improve business decisions

Why rely on your emotions and instinct to drive important business decisions, when you can utilize real data? Unlock actionable insights from the data collected within Zoho One, an all in one software platform. Keeping all company data in one integrated platform makes it easier than ever to access analytics and reporting. Users can install a dashboard to display real-time business intelligence data around custom KPIs. With integrated data reporting, you can leverage actual data to drive your decision making.

Reduce total software expenses

Paying monthly fees for your marketing automation software, team collaboration software, data integration platform, and business intelligence analytics can add up swiftly. Plus, it’s more than likely that some of these software systems contain overlapping features! Cut down on your overall software expenses by choosing an all-in-one business platform like Zoho One. You’ll reduce your total software cost, and avoid overpaying for duplicate features. Not to mention, your bookkeeping will become much easier with only one point of software invoicing!

Cut down on amount of vendors

Working with multiple software vendors can be fine – until one vendor issues an update that results in a system-wide issue. When all of your applications are linked within one single CRM software, updates will automate across your entire software suite. Avoid the wasted time and frustrations of troubleshooting your unrelated applications with Zoho One.

Protect your data with single point security

Data security is a top concern for both enterprises and consumers. When your company uses multiple software vendors, how can you ensure the security of your data? Knowing who is responsible for data protection can be confusing when working with integrated vendors. This all in one software platform, Zoho One helps your business avoid privacy and security concerns by securing your data in one platform. Zoho offers transparency over the measures and methods we use to protect your information.

Software that grows with your business

When you operate a small business, choosing a cost-effective software system is vital. Zoho One is suitable for organizations of all sizes. The Zoho One pricing structure allows your software system to scale as your company grows. Maintaining historical data integrity will be easy when you need to add more applications as your business scales. Your data and integrations will be ready to access as your company adds more applications to your CRM software suite.

Are Zoho One and Zoho CRM the same?

Choosing Zoho One vs Zoho CRM offers a broad set of cloud-based business applications. Zoho CRM is a standalone product and subset of Zoho One. Companies looking for a comprehensive suite of business software will prefer Zoho One vs Zoho CRM. If your business is only looking for standalone CRM software, Zoho CRM is the right option.

Interested in a firsthand view of how Zoho One can serve your small business?

There’s no better way to understand how this all in one software platform, Zoho One can benefit your small business than working with a Zoho consulting service. Call Enable today to schedule a free introductory call for your organization. Our Zoho consulting service will demonstrate how the applications in the Zoho One suite can work in your unique industry.


Q. Is there a free trial period for Zoho One?
A. Yes there is a 30-days free trial. No credit card required. Zoho One gives you one integrated system to transform your business’ various activities into a more connected and agile organization. Increase your productivity across your business, deliver better customer experiences, and much more.

Q. Do I need to buy a Zoho One license for every employee in my organization?
A. With the Flexible User Pricing Plan, you can purchase as many licenses as you need.
With the All-Employee Pricing plan you will need to buy a license for every employee

Q. Where does Zoho One fit within the complete Zoho offering?
A. There are three various methods to buy Zoho applications. You can purchase individual apps, bundles, or our all-in-one suite. This all in one software platform, Zoho One is the all-in-one suite of applications. You get one account, one support number, and access to pretty much every app we make. Seeing that we don’t want to push anyone to purchase Zoho One, 

There are two other ways you can pay for our apps:
À la carte — This is an excellent option if you need just one application or want to mix and match a couple of applications.

Bundles — Bundles are packages of several related applications. You’re welcome to purchase one, two, or three of our bundles (but opting for Zoho One might be a better bargain).