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How to remotely access your PC from anywhere in the world with Zoho Assist

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Remotely access your PC from anywhere with Zoho Assist

Your IT teams can offer remote support to PCs across the globe. No matter where your users are located, remote assistance software makes it easy to troubleshoot issues. Let’s explore the advantages of Zoho Assist and remote access software

What are the benefits of choosing Zoho Assist for my remote assistance software?

Fully customizable – Zoho remote access software allows users to rebrand the name, logo, URL, and favicon. Enjoy custom email templates, email addresses, and reporting.


Enterprise-grade security – It’s essential to establish secure connections when remotely accessing a user’s PC. Zoho Assist equips our remote assistance software with a suite of security measures. Two-factor authentication, role-based access, SSL certification, right to erasure, and breach notifications will protect your sensitive data. 

Seamless integrations – Zoho remote control software integrates with all major ticketing software platforms. Schedule support sessions directly from the ticket. Users can even remotely control their client’s PC straight from your live chat console.


What features does Zoho remote control include?

These are the major features of Zoho’s remote access software:

File transfer – transfer files up to 2GB from your computer to your customer’s without trouble.

Instant chat – Remain connected with your customer while you troubleshoot instead of relying on external chat platforms.

Add multiple IT technicians – Need multiple experts to resolve an issue? That’s no problem, with Zoho Assist. Technicians can control the PC and operate simultaneously to resolve issues more efficiently.

Record support sessions – Record your remote support session to use later for training materials or an audit trail.

Annotate – Enjoy drawing tools, text tools, erasers, and clear-screen functions. Annotation is a simple way to guide your customer through a remote support session.

Reboot without losing connection – When your customer needs to reboot their system, Zoho Assist ensures your remote control session will not disconnect. Unattended remote access – Unattended remote access software allows your technicians to operate whether the customer is online or not.

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How to setup a remote desktop with Zoho Assist

Avoid time-consuming installations and integrations by choosing Zoho Assist for your remote assistance software. Set up Zoho remote access in just three easy steps.

1. Begin by joining Zoho Assist to unlock the full suite of remote support tools. You can sign up with your email, or click Access Zoho Assist within your existing Zoho platform.

2. Set up a device for remote access, or initiate a remote support session. To begin an on-demand remote assistance session, click Start Now. To schedule remote support, click Schedule. Invite your customer via SMS, email, or join link. 

3. Connect with your customer’s remote PC. After your customer accepts your remote support invitation, it’s easy to establish a connection. Your customer will install a lightweight agent to provide you with total access to their remote desktop. If the device is set up for unattended remote access software, click Connect after navigating to Unattended Access.

Explore the benefits of remote access software with Enable!

A Zoho consulting partner can be invaluable when setting up your first Zoho remote control access. For more information on this remote assistance software, reach out to the team at Enable today. Our licensed Zoho consultants will help you schedule your introductory call and remote support demonstration.

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