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How can augmented reality remote assistance software save you money?

By September 16, 2022February 29th, 2024No Comments
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Zoho Assist works hard to remain on the cutting-edge of solutions-based technology. Zoho has enhanced the features of our remote assistance software with live streaming and augmented reality. Let’s explore how AR technology can support and improve remote support processes at your company.

What’s an AR remote assistance session?

Using Zoho remote assist, AR technology allows your support team to view the client’s live camera stream. Within your remote support software, communicate via text, video, or voice chat, or use AR annotation. Solve complicated issues via remote IT support without any delay or confusion with Zoho Assist.

What can I do with Zoho’s AR remote assistance?

Augmented reality brings unprecedented functionality to remote assistance software. So what can you do with our new live camera assistance feature?

Assign roles to your IT team

Provide augmented reality remote permissions and access privileges to various members of your team. Effortlessly manage technicians with differing skill sets, all from one interface. When an issue arises, you can invite multiple technicians with different skill sets to resolve the problem.

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Improve communications and resolve problems faster

You’ll remain in constant contact with your customers during every live remote assistance session. Access enterprise-grade, built-in communication tools, including text, voice, and video chat. Staying on the same page as the rest of your team has never been easier. Avoid confusion and ambiguity with the team collaboration tools available for Zoho’s AR remote assist.

Build a knowledge repository for future reference

Zoho Assist helps your support team maintain records of their support solutions. Recreate solutions for repetitive problems to deliver faster fixes from your remote IT support team. This remote support software also features options for file management and session recording. Zoho’s remote assist software helps create a knowledge base surrounding common customer service inquiries.

Input visual information during your live assistance session

During a live camera stream, users and support teams can annotate the live camera stream through augmented reality. Mark, annotate and add extra information to better illustrate your ideas. Users can place arrows on the live camera stream to mark locations and use the Augmented Reality drawing tools to clearly communicate with their customers.

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How can Augmented Reality remote assistance software help my company save money?

AR remote assistance allows you to give your customers the support they need, right when they need it. Zoho’s remote assist software can reduce expenses for your business in several ways.

1. Reduce employee travel costs by offering fully remote support.

2. Reduce manpower costs and improve customer satisfaction by using AR remote assistance. AR tools help your team complete the task correctly the first time.

3.  Remote assistance can also be used for maintenance to avoid equipment breakdowns.

4.  Complete tasks faster by offering real-time remote assistance. You’ll decrease execution time, allowing your company to serve more customers in less time.

Contact Enable to bring the power of AR to your organization!

Reading about the AR features included with Zoho’s remote assistance software is all well and good. But how can these tools and features apply to your enterprise? Learn about how AR features can be applied to your specific industry by scheduling a call with Enable. Our licensed Zoho consultants have the expertise to demonstrate how Zoho Assist can improve customer support at your organization. Call the Enable team to schedule your introductory phone call today and start your Zoho Assist trial today.

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