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How to Convert Website Visitors Into Sales Prospects

By January 27, 2023January 17th, 2024No Comments
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Zoho SalesIQ helps companies improve website visitor lead conversion. Featuring website lead tracking software, analytics and reporting, and the Zoho SalesIQ chatbot, this comprehensive marketing automation platform has the power to transform your conversion rates. Let’s review our best tips for converting the visitors on your website into valuable sales prospects.

Three steps to turn website visitors into actionable prospects

Leverage your CRM data to give your audience what they want. With Zoho sales automation, learn what can turn customers away from your business – and what keeps customers coming back.

1. Identify your visitors, and how they arrive at your website

Begin by identifying who your audience is, and how they found your website. Website lead tracking provides critical insight to deliver superior customer service. Zoho SalesIQ can track where your visitors are coming from, whether it’s an organic search, ad campaign, or direct visit. This valuable information will be stored in your CRM for future use.

2. Divide and conquer, with automated lead qualification

After you understand the source of your leads, Zoho SalesIQ allows users to segment leads into specific groups. Prioritize your potential customers with automated lead qualification to dedicate resources to the leads most likely to convert. Use demographic metrics to segment your leads into meaningful subsets.

Engage meaningfully with your leads

Once you understand your visitors, it’s time to welcome them to your company with a call to action. With Zoho sales automation, it’s simple to greet your leads with a customized message and offer. The Zoho SalesIQ chatbot can reach out to your visitors with a contextual greeting, encouraging them to continue down the sales funnel. After engaging with a customer, Zoho SalesIQ can automatically add them as a lead for CRM lead status tracking.

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Use visitor information inside your CRM

Zoho SalesIQ equips your business to contextually understand each website visitor’s interest. How can you best leverage website lead tracking to improve your conversion rate? Let’s take a look at how to use the website visitors’ information inside of your CRM

Connect with visitors while they’re online

Keep an eye out for the green dots in your Zoho CRM Leads/Contacts list view. These are the leads currently visiting your website. You’ll know that these contacts are actively engaging with your brand, and that they are available now. You might message all contacts with a CRM lead status with a high-value offer. Zoho makes it easy, with an option to Select All Online leads to contact.

Apply advanced filters based on visitor tracking data

Website visitor tracking data has a great deal of value, even beyond automated lead qualification. When your goal is to increase conversion, explore the advanced visitor tracking parameters of Zoho SalesIQ. Any visitors who regularly engage with your website or spend a lot of time visiting will be valuable prospects. Filter your leads by average time spent or pages visited to connect with these high-value prospects.

Give valuable deals the attention they deserve

Avoid missing any chats from your most valuable deals. Filter your deals and contacts by amount to ensure that you don’t miss out on any important business opportunities.

Start boosting conversions today with Zoho SalesIQ and Enable!

Is it time to harness the power of marketing automation for your organization? If you’re ready to improve conversion rates at your company, Zoho SalesIQ offers outstanding ROI. Call Enable today to schedule an introductory call with our Zoho consultant. We will demonstrate how Zoho’s sales and marketing platform will streamline operations and increase lead conversions at your organization.

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