360 Degree IT Management Solutions For Your Network

IT Management Solution

When choosing an IT management solution for your organization, endpoint security should be a top priority. Endpoints are points of access to your network, including end-user devices such as phones, laptops, or desktops. Ensuring these access points cannot be attacked or exploited is critical to the security of your company. Zoho offers endpoint protection software compliant with data security standards. With Zoho’s endpoint security solutions, your business can ensure control over access points. Scalable for growing companies of all sizes, Zoho IT management tools help keep your hybrid workforce secure and productive. Let’s review what Zoho’s ITMS platform has to offer your organization.

ServiceDesk Plus

Support your IT help desk with Zoho’s IT management software. Optimize your IT team productivity with superior oversight and central control. ServiceDesk Plus includes incident management software, problem management solutions, and change management tools. Cloud data integrations provide a comprehensive view of your IT activity. Consider ServiceDesk Plus to be your personal IT service management toolkit.

Endpoint Central Cloud

Zoho’s endpoint protection software provides 360-degree security and management. Control and secure all devices from one single console. No matter where in the world your teams are located, this endpoint security solution offers unrivaled visibility across your infrastructure. Automate endpoint patch management for third-party apps. Deploy applications instantly to streamline your software distribution processes. Manage systems remotely, and monitor IT assets in real-time. This endpoint protection software allows users to deploy security configurations to all users and devices in your network. With built-in reporting and analytics available, your team can ensure no anomalies slip through the cracks.


Manage AWS spending within your organization with CloudSpend to ensure your budget is optimized. CloudSpend implements cloud cost best practices to deliver the maximum value for your dollar. Automated bill processing offers unrivaled visibility into the cloud costs of your company. This IT management solution breaks down spending by linked accounts to analyze where your resources are best spent. Track cloud costs for various projects, clients, and teams. Cloud data integrations use historical data to predict whether your expenses will align with budget goals.


Responsive incident management software is vital to efficiently communicate with customers and end-users. StatusIQ allows users to host free public status pages. These channels are essential to communicate proactively during service disruptions. Maintain a positive customer experience when downtime inevitably occurs. Send notifications during incidents to avoid a deluge of repetitive support tickets. Keep your customers informed through your own website. StatusIQ supports embedded widgets displaying real-time status updates.


IT management is complicated, but your alert management shouldn’t be. This comprehensive alert management tool centralizes IT alerts from various platforms to respond from one console. AlarmsOne automatically groups IT alerts by app, network device, host, and more. Get a thorough perspective of each alert from a unified console to reduce downtime. This IT management solution integrates seamlessly with your existing project management tools.

Remote Access Plus

This IT management solution helps your team instantly address issues with remote endpoints. Remote assistance software allows your admins and IT teams to troubleshoot remote devices from one platform. Connect with every device in your organization’s network – no matter where they are located. Oversee the entire network to quickly identify the root causes of any problems. Effortlessly unite hybrid IT teams to troubleshoot collaboratively. This powerful IT management tool helps your team deliver enterprise-grade remote IT support.

Identity Manager Plus

Support your organization with cloud-based one-click access to all enterprise applications. This secure IT management solution gives your users a single sign-on to every business application they need. User application access can be centrally managed, for on-premise or SaaS applications. Monitor and analyze application use, and track access and activity with built-in reporting. Simple user-management features make it fast and easy to add or remove users and permissions. This comprehensive SSO solution helps control application access – while collecting invaluable data for analysis.

Log360 Cloud

Secure, cloud-based log management is essential to any IT management solution. Log360 Cloud allows users to manage and store their network logs on a cloud-based platform. Cloud document management can reduce your log storage expenses. This scalable solution allows your network architecture to grow at any pace without any concerns about log volume. Monitor and track unsanctioned application access and use to identify malicious actors. Best of all, your log data can be accessed and managed from anywhere in the world. Featuring security auditing and reporting, Log360 Cloud makes it easy to meet IT security compliance.

Zoho Creator

No IT management software is one-size-fits-all. Build and deploy custom IT support applications faster than ever with Zoho Creator. Create custom, multi-platform apps to address the specific needs of your IT department. Since Zoho Creator is a low-code platform, your business users can even create their own apps under the governance of your IT team. Low-code platforms also reduce the time to market, so you can push out powerful solutions in less time.

project management tools

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What is an IT Management Suite?

IT management software controls the overall functioning of the IT actions within an organization.

What is SaaS Monitoring?

SaaS monitoring is an approach to monitoring the performance of SaaS-based applications, giving organizations a comprehensive understanding of their system. Such a system can incorporate cloud-based software, off-the-shelf software solutions, and even custom SaaS applications.

Why your company needs IT Management Tools

IT Management tools have become the essence of the hour, enabling businesses to unify software projects, organize project collaborations, and automate multiple simple tasks. This helps companies increase the efficiency of the software development strategy and ensure maximum productivity.

What should you look for when choosing an ITSM?

Some frameworks do not help specific operating systems, web-based services, or cloud platforms. If your company relies on using specific software or web services, then it is vital to check the compatibility of the chosen ITSM. There are few ITSM platforms that do not offer satisfactory scalability.